When To Take Exogenous Ketones – Ketogen4

When To Take Exogenous Ketones - KetoGen4

Thomas DeLauer, along with NewUlife Founder and Formulator Alexy Goldstein, explains when to take Exogenous Ketones – KetoGen4.  Thomas DeLauer is a leader in the health educational world. New U Life is proud to have partnered with Thomas as a ketosis educator. 

Ketones have an interesting application within the body. You want to be taking Exogenous Ketones – KetoGen4 generally with your meals or surrounding exercise. In between your meals is the optimal time for your body to be producing its own ketones from body fat. During this period, you want to make sure that the body is using this time to create its own ketones naturally.

You should use exogenous ketones to heighten your level of ketones when you need them the most. If you need more energy, or when you just need to boost your ketone levels. So along with meals is excellent or if you’re going to be going into a workout where you just need a little bit more energy.  People think that you’re going to produce more ketones when you exercise, it’s actually the opposite.  The body goes into some sparing mechanisms where it actually increases its natural blood sugar and actually kind of kicks you out of ketosis a little bit during a workout.

For example, a useful application would be if you do cross-fit. You would want to keep your energy and stamina high and also need to have a reasonable degree of cognitive function. You need to keep your brain energy heightened because you’re concentrating on making moves that could be dangerous. You would not want to be lifting a barbell over your head if your brain’s foggy or your fatigued.

When you use exogenous ketones around a workout, it allows you to push through physically and mentally. When ketones are present, it will enable your brain to function at a high level so that you actually develop the right level of agility because you can think.  You can think as fast as your body is moving, which is usually a downfall for most athletes.  This product is not just for athletes, this is just an excellent example to explain how it can be beneficial.

*Thomas DeLauer does not personally endorse New U Life or it’s products.

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